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Engineered Lightweight LED Illumination Solutions
MagWerks LED provides State of the Art, Magnesium Thixomolding based, High Powered LED Lighting/Illumination solutions, which address multiple critical LED Illumination needs, specifically:

1) Reduction in LED Lighting Mass 
2) Improvement of  LED cooling performance
3) Decrease in LED lamp Volume/Size
4) Significant lowering of LED Lamp Cost

Utilizing proprietary Magnesium Thixomolded construction (US 8,562,174), the critical LED thermal management requirement is effectively addressed through Magnesium Thixomolding's superior formability, thermal conductivity, lightweight, robustness and cost-effectiveness. Magnesium construction permits the integration of the housings, heat sinks, reflectors or TIR optics onto streamlined systems or sub-systems, thus creating the lightest weight, compact and cost effective LED illumination devises available anywhere.

MagWerks LED's technologies have already been validated by various international OEMs, thus represent the most advanced, practical approach to effective LED illumination moving forwards.

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